12 Delicious Ways to Use Saffron

We’re always looking for easy meal upgrades that make cooking satisfying weeknight meals a no-brainer. Sometimes, that means trying a new technique, like pressure cooking; other times, it means introducing a new spice, like ginger. But nothing makes a meal feel instantly more elegant and refined than just a pinch of saffron. The stamens of crocus plants, saffron threadsContinue reading “12 Delicious Ways to Use Saffron”

Saffron Health Benefits: It May Boost the Immune System Against COVID-19

SelectedSaffron.com Saffron is an ancient spice obtained from the Crocus sativus plant. It is highly prized and costly. To obtain a single pound of the golden spice requires 75,000 flower heads. The flowerheads’ crimson-coloured stigmas are harvested and dried to produce saffron. The unique flavour is coveted by chefs, especially for dishes such as paellaContinue reading “Saffron Health Benefits: It May Boost the Immune System Against COVID-19”

Kakeibo: The Japanese Art Of Saving Money

( 5 min read) – By  Jacqui Agate Saving money is hard. Really, really hard. However much you feel you’re scrimping, you’re always left with nothing more than a few pitiful pounds rattling around your account at the end of the month, right? We hear you. A huge chunk of your pay probably goes onContinue reading “Kakeibo: The Japanese Art Of Saving Money”